On-Grid and Off-Grid system

On-Grid and Off-Grid system

On-grid system 

           On-grid system is an electrical system that connects the photovoltaic system to the transmission line. This on-grid system consists of several elements i.e. Solar panels (solar rooftops), Inverter, and power transmission line. With these devices, we will be able to connect and transfer the electricity produced from solar panels to the central power line. Electricity can flow in and out of the transmission line. For example, in case of the electricity produced is greater than amount consumed. Since, the system is not complicated and the cost is not too high. On-grid system is quite popular a method of installing the solar power system for private and residential buildings. 

Off Grid System

           Off-grid system is the installation of a complete solar system, which is a system does not rely on a central power system for energy. In other word, the energy produced is stored in the battery, which is an isolated system from the central electrical system. This system often uses in remote areas where electricity cannot be reached. However, the systems itself are complicated. The costs are a lot more than on-grid system due to a lot of tools and sub-devices are required. Therefore, the off-grid system is less popular for residential buildings.


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